Inango Systems

Inango develops software for a broad range of communications applications. We license code and supplement it with professional services to offer our customers the best possible offering in terms of performance, functionality and cost. Our software is already installed in millions of homes worldwide.



Our engineers have deep, hands-on experience in a huge range of open-source and communications technologies. From building and managing entire Linux distributions, maintaining advanced development and test environments, through to management systems and the latest in applications for Network Virtualization and Cloud storage, we have consistently kept our customers on the cutting edge of the industry’s offerings.

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Our products provide complete solutions for various systems. Based on the latest standards and rich functionality, they are the quickest way to market for OEM product development. The product line covers both embedded packages for DPU systems and Residential Gateways and server-side packages for management and virtualization. We have pre-packaged them in to self-contained software products but offer loads of extensible options through our Professional Services.

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Inango partners with several semiconductor companies, large and small. We offer a range of services that covers Linux device driver development, building and supporting SDK’s and complete Linux/OpenWRT distributions to support your customers. Business model is typically NRE, but we’re open to other options as well.



We have a huge range of software and technologies that we have been working with for many years. We offer OEM’s pre-packaged products that provide complete solutions for certain products, but we also offer many not-so-common extensions to give them that extra bit of differentiation.


Service Providers

Inango offers server-side packages that often require customization and proprietary extensions for specific networks. Things like integration with existing systems such as CRM, development of proprietary management elements or even writing new OpenDaylight plugins. We’ve worked with all sorts of providers: from the very large to very small.